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  • Wilmington Bans Smoking in Parks

    Dennis P. Williams, the Mayor of Wilmington (state of Delaware) has signed an executive order prohibiting smoking in a number of city’s public ...

  • Lubbock City, TX, May Expand Smoking Ban

    City Council in Lubbock, Texas, this week will hold a meeting, where it will vote an ordinance which prohibits smoking in all restaurants and bars in ...

  • Canada: New Smoking Ban in Edmonton

    City Council in Edmonton voted on October 22 a bylaw which bans smoking at Churchill Square located in front of city hall.The proposal to make this ...

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  • Marlboro Red
  • Marlboro Red

    • Description
    • Number of cartons: 1
    • Number of packs: 10
    • Number of cigarettes: 200
    • Cigarette Ingredients
    • Tar: 10.0 mg
    • Nicotine: 0.8 mg
    • $23.31
    • Price per carton

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